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Storm Strider Battle Engine plus three medium based models

Full depth, half width

Game Systems & Armies that use this tray

  • Games Workshop
    • The Horus HeresyTray guide
      • Talons of The EmperorTray guide
        • Talons of The Emperor 1x Telemon Dreadnought and 3x Custodian Guard
    • Warhammer 40,000Tray guide
      • Primaris Space MarinesTray guide
        • Primaris Space Marines 1x Redemptor Dreadnought/ Repulsor (On stand, Turret off) and 3x Aggressors/ Inceptors/ Captain in Gravis Armour/ Ancient with Banner
      • Talons of The EmperorTray guide
        • Talons of The Emperor 1x Telemon Dreadnought and 3x Custodian Guard
      • Thousand SonsTray guide
        • Thousand Sons 1x Forgefriend/ Maulerfiend and 3x Scarab Occult Terminators/ Exalted Sorcerers/ Ahriman on Disc of Tzeentch
    • Warhammer Age of SigmarTray guide
      • Grand Alliance Order: Kharadron OverlordsTray guide
        • 1x Kharadron Overlords Grundstokk Gunhauler and 3x Endrinriggers/ Skywardens
      • Grand Alliance Order: SylvanethTray guide
        • 1x Sylvaneth Drycha Hamadreth and 3 Kurnoth Hunters/ Tree Revenants/ 3 Spite Revenants
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: Blades of KhorneTray guide
        • 1x Daemons of Khorne Skullcannon/ Khorne Bloodthrone and 3x Slaughterpriests/ Wrathmongers/ Skull Taker
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: Disciples of TzeentchTray guide
        • 3x Pink Horrors/ Gaunt Summoners/ Flamers of Tzeentch/ Exalted Flamers of Tzeentch and 1x Burning Chariot of Tzeentch/ Herald on Burning Chariot of Tzeentch
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: Hedonites of SlaaneshTray guide
        • Hedonites of Slaanesh 1x Exalted Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh/ Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh/ Hellflayer Chariot of Slaanesh and 3 Masque of Slaanesh/ Heralds of Slaanesh
  • Privateer Press

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