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CMON-SF-A Pre-Filled Case

15x A Song of Ice and Fire Bowmen/ Crossbowmen/ Infrantry and 4x Cavalry

Choose your colour!

2/3 depth, half width

Game Systems & Armies that use this tray

  • A Song of Ice and Fire
    • House StarkView SetView the House Stark Tray guide
      • 15x Stark Bowmen/ Sword Swords/ Sword Sword Captains and 4x Stark Outriders
    • House LannisterView SetView the House Lannister Tray guide
      • 15x Lannister Guardsmen/ Lannister Crossbowmen/ Pyromancers/ Poor Fellows/ Guard Captain/ Kings Guard/ Joffrey Baratheon/ Cersei Lannister/ Tyrion Lannister/ Tywin Lannister/ Maimed Jaime Lannister/ Pycelle/ The High Sparrow/ Sandor Clegane and 4x Knights of Casterly Rock
    • House NeutralView SetView the House Neutral Tray guide
      • 15x Neutral Petyr Baelish/ Lord Varys/ Bronn/ Brienne/ High Seneschal/ Bolton Cutthroats/ Bolton Trackers/ Dogs/ Bolton Blackguards/ Ramsey Snow/ Theon Greyjoy/ Roose Bolton/ Dreadfort Captain/ Stormcrow Mercenaries/ Stormcrow Lieutenant/ Stormcrow Archers/ Daario Naharis/ Vargo Hoat/ Jaqen H'Ghar/ Walder Frey/ Tycho Nestoris and 4x Bolton Flayed Men
    • House TargaryenView SetView the House Targaryen Tray guide
      • 15x Daenarys Targaryen/ Illyrio Mopatis and 4x Dothraki Screamers/ Dothraki Veterans/ Dothraki Outriders/ Screamer Ko/ Jorah Mormont/ Khal Drogo

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