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36 compartments 52mm x 32mm, 23mm deep
(full width tray 380mm x 255mm)

36 compartments (each 52mm x 32mm)

Game Systems & Armies that use this tray

  • Fantasy Football
  • Generic
    • _6mm ScaleTray guide
      • 6mm Scale Sci FiTray guide
        • 2x 18 Cavalry on 25x50mm rectangular bases Banners (Metal, Plastic or Resin)
  • Games Workshop
    • The Horus HeresyTray guide
      • Legiones AstartesTray guide
        • Legiones Astartes 36 Space Marines on 32mm Bases / Kor'sarro Khan / Forgefather Vulkan He'stan / Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike / Servitor / Sergeant Telion / Sergeant Chronus/ Palatine Blades/ Dark Furies/ Mor Deythan/ Khenentai Occult Blades/ Invictarus Suzerains/ Headhunters/ Rapteors/ Medusan Immortals/ Pyroclasts/ Kakophoni/ Reavers/ Rampagers/ Ashen Circle/ Grey Slayers/ Templar Brethren/ Destroyers/ Breachers/ Despoilers/ MKIV Recon Squad
    • Warhammer 40,000Tray guide
      • Blood AngelsTray guide
        • 36x Brother Corbulo or 36x Troop (tall or wide pose)
      • Chaos Space MarinesTray guide
        • Chaos Marines 36 Horrors / Bloodletters / Daemonettes
      • Dark AngelsTray guide
        • 36x Assault Sergeant or 36x Troop (tall or wide pose)
      • Dark Eldar Tray guide
        • 36x Dark Eldar Haemonculus or 36x Dark Eldar Lhamaean or 36x Dark Eldar Sslyth or 36x Dark Eldar Succubus or 36x Drazhar or 36x Harlequin or 36x Harlequin Death Jester or 36x Harlequin Shadowseer or 36x Kabalite Warrior or 36x Lelith Hesperax or 36x Urien Rakarth or 36x Wrack or 36x Wych
      • DrukhariTray guide
        • Drukhari 36 Harlequins / Beasts/ Archon/ Succubus/ Urien Rakarth/ Lelith Hesperax/ Haemonculus/ Drazhar
      • Space MarinesTray guide
        • 36x Assault Sergeant or 36x Troop (tall or wide pose)
      • Space WolvesTray guide
        • 36 Space Wolves
      • T'au Empire Tray guide
        • 36x Empire Vespid Stingwing or 36x Kroot Carnivore or 36x Kroot Shaper or 36x Longstrike or 36x Tau Empire Kroot Hound or 36x XV15 Shas'ui
      • TyranidsTray guide
        • 36x Tyranid Hormagaunt or 36x Tyranid Spore Mine or 36x Tyranid Termagant
      • InquisitionTray guide
        • Inquisition 36x Inquisitor Greyfax/ Deathcult Assassins/ Crusaders/ Warrior Acolytes/ Preacher/ Jokaero Weaponsmith/ Inquisitor Coteaz/ Inquisitor/ Servitors
      • NecronsTray guide
        • 18x Anrakyr the Traveller or 36x Classic Lord or 18x Cryptek or 36x Deathmark or 36x Illuminor Szeras or 36x Immortal or 36x Imotekh the Stormlord or 18x Lord or 18x Lord with Resurrection Orb or 36x Lychguard or 36x Necron Flayed One or 36x Nemesor Zahndrekh or 18x Orikan the Diviner or 18x Overlord or 36x Trayzn the Infinite or 36x Triarch Praetorian or 36x Varguard Obyron
      • Officio AssassinorumTray guide
        • Officio Assassinorum 36 Vindicare Assassins/ Eversor Assassins/ Callidus Assassins/ Culexus Assassins
      • Sisters of BattleTray guide
        • Adepta Sororitas 36 Battle Sisters / Retinue / HQ
      • Craftworlds / Eldar Tray guide
        • 36x Dark Reaper or 36x Dire Avenger or 36x Eldar Autarch with Fusion Gun or 36x Eldar Autarch with Power Weapon or 36x Eldar Farseer or 36x Eldar Farseer with Singing Spear or 36x Eldar Farseer with Spear and Skuriken Pistol or 36x Eldar Farseer with Staff or 36x Eldar Phoenix Lord Baharroth, The Cry of the Wind or 36x Eldar Phoenix Lord Fuegan, The Burning Lance or 36x Eldar Phoenix Lord Jain Zar, The Storm of Silence or 36x Eldrad Ulthran or 36x Fire Dragon or 36x Harlequin or 18x Harlequin Death Jester or 18x Harlequin Shadowseer or 36x Howling Banshee or 36x Illic Nightspear or 36x Phoenix Lord Asurmen or 36x Phoenix Lord Karandras or 18x Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra or 36x Prince Yriel or 36x Spiritseer or 36x Striking Scorpion or 36x Warp Spider or 36x Wraithguard (Old Style)
      • HarlequinsTray guide
        • 36 Harlequins
    • Warhammer Age of SigmarTray guide
      • Grand Alliance Destruction: Moonclan GrotsTray guide
        • Moonclan Grots 36x Grot Fanatics/ Grot Squig Hoppers
      • Grand Alliance Destruction: Gitmob GrotsTray guide
        • 36x Grots/ Snotlings/ Grot Shamans/ Grot Weapon Crews/ Nasty Skulkas
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: Clan VerminusTray guide
        • 36x Skaven Warlord/ Storm Vermin
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: Clan SkryreTray guide
        • Clan Skryre 36x Warlock Engineers/ Archwarlock/ Skryre Acolytes
      • Grand Alliance Order: Swifthawk AgentsTray guide
        • Swifthawk Agents 36x Shadow Warriors
      • Grand Alliance Order: ShadowbladesTray guide
        • Shadowblades 36x Assassins
      • Grand Alliance Order: Lion RangersTray guide
        • Lion Rangers 36x White Lions
      • Grand Alliance Death: SoulblightTray guide
        • 36x Vampire Lords on foot
      • Grand Alliance Death: Flesh-Eater CourtsTray guide
        • 36x Abhorrent Ghoul King/ Crypt Ghouls
      • Grand Alliance Order: Daughters of KhaineTray guide
        • Daughters of Khaine 36x Sisters of Slaughter/ Witch Aelves/ Hag Queens
      • Grand Alliance Order: Collegiate ArcaneTray guide
        • Collegiate Arcane 36x Battlemages
      • Grand Alliance Order: Phoenix TemplesTray guide
        • Phoenix Temples 36x Phoenix Guard/ Anointed
      • Grand Alliance Order: Eldritch CouncilTray guide
        • Eldritch Council 36x Lore Masters/ Sword Masters/ Archmage on Foot
      • Grand Alliance Order: Darkling CovensTray guide
        • Darkling Covens 26x Executioners/ Dreadspears
    • Warhammer Fantasy End TimesTray guide
      • Daemons of ChaosTray guide
        • Daemons of Chaos 36 Horrors / Bloodletters / Daemonetes / Furies
      • Wood ElvesTray guide
        • Wood Elves 36 Dryads / Wardancers
      • Legions of ChaosTray guide
        • Legions of Chaos 36 Horrors / Bloodletters / Daemonetes / Furies
    • Warhammer Fantasy BattleTray guide
      • Daemons of ChaosTray guide
        • Daemons of Chaos 36 Horrors / Bloodletters / Daemonetes / Furies
      • Wood ElvesTray guide
        • Wood Elves 36 Dryads / Wardancers
      • Legions of ChaosTray guide
        • Legions of Chaos 36 Horrors / Bloodletters / Daemonetes / Furies
    • Bloodbowl Classic Tray guide
  • Heresy
  • Impact

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