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16 large Bushido figures from 30mm base to 50mm base - suits all factions

2/3 depth, half width

Game Systems & Armies that use this tray

  • Bushido
    • The Cult of YureiTray guide
      • 4x Araka or 4x Gok or 4x Rat Swarm or 4x Tadao
      • 2x Armoured Kairai
      • 2x Wanyudo
      • 2x Wraith
    • Ito ClanTray guide
      • 2x Naoko
      • 4x Yatsunata
    • Prefecture of RyuTray guide
      • 2x Mizuchi
    • Silvermoon SyndicateTray guide
      • 4x Fitiaumua or 4x Oda & Tautola
      • 2x Manu or 2x Tautola
    • Temple of Ro-KanTray guide
      • 2x Gorilla or 2x Master Ekusa or 2x Shisa
      • 2x Kawa No Rojin
      • 4x Sojobo
    • The Savage WaveTray guide
      • 2x Boba or 2x Kano or 2x The Nian
      • 2x Bobata
      • 2x Giant Cave Bat or 2x Kemono & Ushi or 2x Zuba, the All Seeing
      • 4x Kaihei Alpha or 4x Waka or 4x Yusha
      • 2x Okina & Oto

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