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Welcome back after the Christmas festivities3rd Jan 2017

Did you have a great Christmas, and were your present dreams fulfilled? We're sure you had a great time and are raring to go with your new figures, so we have been working throughout the festive period to ensure we can provide you with the perfect storage solution for your new players!

Whatever colour option you are looking for, KR Multicase have the trays and cases you need to keep those long-awaited new figures well protected right up until the moment they hit the table in 2017.

Check out the brilliant array of storage and carrying solutions with the updated KR Product Filters and use the filter system to find your specific trays and cases for your army. With same day shipping, you can be in action in no time!

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in your awesome post-Christmas wargaming activities.

KR Multicase - putting figures first

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