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KR Multicase Tournaments Directory

Want to know what's going on in the wargaming calendar globally, then take a look at the KR Multicase Directory of Tournaments.

Our constantly updated Directories of wargaming activities happening around the world includes details of all the Tournaments and Shows taking place with names, dates and locations plus links to the organisers and the event website, plus directions to the venue. The information is displayed in a quick and easy reference format that you can search by geography, date and distance from your location. Or click on the interactive map of the events to zoom in on the event you can see taking place near you.

Follow the Tournament link and you'll see that details of Irish Gauntlet (Dublin, Ireland in August), Flying Monkey GT (Kansas, US in September), Warmachine and Hordes World Team Championship (Blankenberge, Belgium in September) and ORKTOBERFEST III (Florida, US in October) are all there, among many others, for you to browse and discover.

Plus, if KR Multicase are involved with an event, you'll see our KR logo next to the listing. So, you'll know that we're sponsoring the event and encouraging folks to participate! If we're sponsoring, we will be offering coveted KR Multicase cases and trays as prizes for the winners of the battles being fought during Tournaments - so it's certainly something worth knowing about!

The Directory brings you so much hot news all in the one place, it's worth clicking through regularly - no need to register - to ensure you don't miss out on the latest action in your neck of the woods

And, if you are planning a Tournament, don't hesitate to drop us an email with all the details and we will add it to the listing!

KR Multicase - putting figures first

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