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KR Multicase Showcases our Necron Ranges

This year, we have seen some menacing new Necron models this year, and we have been working hard to make new trays for them. And today, we'll look at our range of trays, with a focus on the new ones and some of the more popular trays from our older range!

The NE1 is our very first Necron Tray, hence the 1 in its code! But with a small increase in depth, this tray will hold even the new Necron Monolith. You'll want either a KRX extra size case or a KRD card case to hold this towering war engine. And of course, you'll have plenty of space for even more models stored with it!

Another popular older tray is the NE8, suitable for the Necron Ghost Ark or Doomsday Ark, one of their first vehicles. And our tray also has storage space for a pair of Classic Destroyers and the flight stands. The NE8 will half fill a KRM card case, leaving more space to fill out with your army.Read more...

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