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KR Multicase Ork Tray Showcase!

We have been proud to introduce a range of very well received Ork trays for our range! Today, we'll be looking over the whole collection!

First, we have the OR1 which can hold the ramschackle, but trustworthy, Ork Trukk! With space for a fully assembled Trukk, space for the pintle Shoota, Wrecking ball and ramps, this tray also offers compartments for 3 Large Orks, like Mekboys, Flashgits, Commandos or Big Meks!

Then, we have the OR2, which can hold the Ork's equivalent to the Dreadnought - the Killa Kan! With spaces for 3 Killa Kans, no matter their assortment of weapons, and space for 2 Large Orks, this tray will provide for the beginnings of a Mekboy's project!

And our first run of trays concluded with the OR3, a tray which can hold the Orks' many flyer types!Read more...

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