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KR Multicase has Trays for Witchin' Hour!

With the upcoming Kickstarter for the Witchin' Hour, we've got some recommendations for you to store your Militia and Witches in safety with our trays and cases, based on the models used by the creators of that fantastic wargame.

For your Witch Hunters, Witches, Cultists, Militia and Mercenaries, we can recommend the N4H tray to hold 20 models! This tray will be a fantastic basis for any warband, since most warbands will be mostly made of infantry!

But Witchin; Hour promises some larger models. For those Witch Hunters lucky enough to have a horse, or a Witch riding upon a broom, we can recommend the SM69 to carry 10 of these models!

We can recommend some great skirmish cases for this game too! If you're only going to use Infantry, we can recommend the Aquilla1 to keep that N4H safely stored. If you're looking to have multiple warbands and some of the larger models, we can recommend two N4H trays and one SM69, we can recommend the Aquilla4.

You can check out our tray recommendations for Witchin' Hour here

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