Three new cases from KR – The KRD, KRX, KRQ

The KR modular case system is proving to be the best protection for gaming collections around the world and now the KR range of card cases is expanding! The standard card case, the KRM, has been with us since KR began, and the half size case joined a few years ago. These 3 new cases provide you with the ideal expansion of the modular transport system that KR provides.

KR revolutionised the case and tray market for transporting miniature Wargaming figures with our innovative “soft foam, hard case” principle for Wargaming storage and transport. It is a favoured choice for gamers - don’t just take our word for it, simply take a look in your gaming club or local gaming store to see for yourself.

The KRQ is half width and half height of a standard case, making it ideal for Skirmish games, sports games such as Guild Ball, Blood Bowl and Dreadball, or even for board games with only a few pieces. Carry fifty 28mm figures with ease. Click here to see the KRQ Quarter size case

The KRX is the same width as our standard case, but with 50% extra height you can carry larger models easily. Combine deeper trays like the IG10 valkyrie custom tray and fit another pair of M4T trays inside and carry 100 more infantry ! Click here to see the KRX extra depth case

Finally, the KRD, being twice the size of a standard case, carries even more models, and tall ones too. Carry 400 28mm troops in 1 case for only £49.99 ! We have larger custom trays planned for your oversize models, just wait for our Stompa tray to come out ! Click here to see the KRD double depth case

We want all our customers to join in and celebrate KR providing the best and most versatile system for miniature figure storage and transport and so we are giving away FREE cases!

To get a free case, take advantage of this limited offer to “Buy One Get One Free”. Simply buy any of the 3 new card cases (KRD, KRX , KRQ) and you will get an second card case the same size, including trays completely FREE ! The free case will appear at the checkout, just let us know which trays to put in there – choose from any of our range of Core, Custom and even the Colour trays too.

This offer is also extended via local (bricks and mortar) participating Gaming Stores, ask at yours when you are next in there.

Terms and Conditions of the KRD, KRX, KRQ free case offer:

This offer is limited to purchases of any of the three new card cases including trays (the KRD, KRX, KRQ) and the free case is a card case the same size, including trays. That means: Buy a KRD get a KRD free. Buy a KRX get a KRX free. Buy a KRQ get a KRQ free.

This offer is WORLDWIDE – anyone purchasing anywhere will benefit.

This offer is not limited to 1 per person or household as that would not be in the spirit of a great KR offer, it is simply limited to 1 free case per purchase of any of the 3 qualifying products mentioned above.

The free case may be shipped separately to your order by Royal Mail, even if the main purchase is sent with UPS or Fedex. You will be informed by email of how your order will be shipped.

Cases with colour trays may take 14-21 days for delivery, and we may send part of an order if it is in stock and the balance of the order once manufactured. That means if you order a KRD with blue trays and choose red trays in your free KRD case, you may get your KRD (blue trays) within a few days and your free KRD case within 14-21 days.

Product base codes valid for the free case offer are: KRD, KRX, KRQ (excluding empty cases).

Enter your trays for your free case at the checkout. KR will check that they fill it correctly and contact you by email if there are any isses.

The offer is subject to availability, and is valid from the date/time of the Facebook news posting until midnight 17th April 2015 (GMT).

ANY tray in ANY of 12 colours now available !

KR now offer the full range of KR trays in any of 12 different colours!

Just select the individual tray or the tray set you would like, and choose which colour- It really as simple as that!

We will make these custom coloured trays to order so please allow 14-21 days for manufacture, though it will be quicker than that in most instances !

Now you can match your trays to your models, and of course, all the colours are made from the same KR soft foam that cares for your miniatures.


KR have developed the unique KR AutoFill feature to help you get the safest and best trays for your models. Simply list out your models from the drop down menus to complete your army list and then click here to use AutoFill. and your tray list will be generated for your army. Your case will be filled completely, and any spare space will have trays added as suggestions for additional storage. You can edit your list and swap out these top up trays to suit your needs. AutoFill utilises the KR “foam engine” software specifically developed to get the knowledge of KR at your finger tips by using a system of “Dynamic Automated Resolution of Your List” coding to work out the perfect match of trays and cases for your army. Try it today and let KR do all the hard work for you. More armies will be added each week too.

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